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Does your family have an inherited genetic risk of developing cancer?

Family History Checklist:

  • Several rare cancers within your family (such as kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, or male breast cancer)
  • Yourself or family members diagnosed with cancer younger than 50 years old
  • More than one cancer diagnosis in a single person
  • Bilateral cancer (such as bilateral breast cancer, eye cancer, kidney cancer, etc.)
  • Multiple childhood cancers within a family

What is a genetic counselor?

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals trained to educate, support, and facilitate genetic testing for families at genetic risk for disease. Genetic counselors work with families to identify members who are at risk of genetic predisposition to disease and order genetic testing when appropriate. In a genetic counseling session, a thorough personal and family history will be collected and assessed in order to determine appropriate genetic testing and medical management recommendations for you and your family.

Would you like information about your genetic counseling appointment? Refer to Making Sense of Your Genes: Guide to Genetic Counseling published by the Genetic Alliance.


View the map below to see the location of genetic counselors in Georgia.


The Breast Cancer License Tag Genetic Testing Fund

The Breast Cancer License Tag Genetic Testing Fund was established by Georgia CORE in January 2014. This Fund will help underinsured Georgians with a family history of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) who would otherwise not be able to afford genetic testing or have no insurance coverage for it receive needed genetic testing. The application is available online and encourages genetic counseling by requiring that the submission be completed by a genetic services provider as defined under Commission on Cancer Standard 2.3. To access the online application, click here. For more information, email info@georgiacore.org.


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