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Case for Support of Clinical Trials in Georgia

Many if not most of the advances in life expectancy and quality of life for cancer patients and survivors as reported by the American Cancer Society are a result of cancer clinical trials.

Far fewer patients enroll in clinical trials than are needed to answer the most pressing cancer questions quickly. (1)

The low accrual rate in cancer clinical trials has a profound effect on the quality of cancer care provided to all cancer patients. (2)

Access to cancer clinical trials is a key quality measure for delivery of health care services, and one of the established standards for delivery of comprehensive cancer care. (3)

Minorities with cancer are less likely to be offered participation in a clinical trial and African Americans are known to enroll in clinical trials at much lower rates than Caucasians. (4)

The most prevalent barrier to participation in clinical trials is lack of awareness. However, participants report high levels of satisfaction with care received while enrolled in clinical trials. (5)

For these reasons, the Georgia Cancer Coalition joined with the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology and many others to create Georgia CORE. One of the first statewide clinical trials networks in the nation, Georgia CORE is a partnership of academic medical centers and community oncologists. Currently, Georgia CORE’s research network represents 186 oncologists in 53 research sites located in 27 cities in Georgia. Georgia is home to over 400 adult cancer trials – 4 out of every 10 trials are conducted outside greater Atlanta.

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